what everybody says must be true

a 1400 Legends of Saints (STS) III. 105 For I fynd suthfastnes [truth], that al men sais, is nocht les [lies].

c 1475 in Modern Philology (1940) XXXVIII. 118 Hit ys cominly truye that all men sayth.

c 1518 A. BARCLAY tr. Mancinus’ Mirror of Good Manners F1v It nedes muste be trewe which euery man doth say.

1748 RICHARDSON Clarissa IV. 74 The most accomplished of women, as every one says; and what every one says must be true.

1905 A. MACLAREN Gospel according to St. Matthew II. 246 ‘What everybody says must be true’ is a cowardly proverb... What most people say is usually false.

Proverbs new dictionary.

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